An Innovative Treatment  for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The crippling effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to communicate, resulting in a range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental, and sometimes psychiatric problems. Specific symptoms can include double vision, blindness in one eye, muscle weakness, trouble with sensation, or trouble with coordination

While the cause is not clear, the underlying mechanism is thought to be either destruction by the immune system or failure of the myelin-producing cells. Proposed causes for this include genetics and environmental factors such as being triggered by a viral infection. Multiple Sclerosis is usually diagnosed based on the presenting signs and symptoms and the results of supporting medical tests.

In light of this, recent research efforts have been poured into regenerative medicine, and the use of stem cells to reverse the progression of cerebellar atrophy and neuronal loss. This will enable new neurons to be regenerated and restore the loss caused by Multiple Sclerosis. In order to further elucidate stem cell effects on Multiple Sclerosis, Unique Access Medical is now welcoming patients with Multiple Sclerosis to participate in a study of stem cells efficacy in Multiple Sclerosis. The stem cell product use will be a new innovation cultivated from a patient’s own blood. This will provide an eventual method of treating Multiple Sclerosis.

About Unique Access Medical

Unique Access Medical (UAM) has had years of experience employing innovative techniques in treatment of Multiple Screlosis. The focus on regenerative medicine in treating the disease sets UAM apart from conventional medical practices. At UAM, a professional medical team trained in the knowledge and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis and stem cell treatments will provide care to those who enlist our services. Those under the care of our certified medical doctors will be receive the best standard of care as is the standard of UAM.


The treatment takes place in the most modern tertiary hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Boasting the two highest level hospital quality certifications available globally.

AMPC stem cell

Unique Access Medical prides itself on prioritising the Safety and Efficacy of all product lines used in our treatments. The stem cells we employ in regenerative medicine treatments are no exception. Autologous Multilineage Potential Cells (AMPC) will be used in our stem cell treatments as they have demonstrated, through their excellent safety track record, exceptional safety profiles and remarkable efficacy.

All manufactured AMPC products are also quality assured with multiple safety standards in place:

Therapeutic goods administration compliant

All manufacturing and use of the AMPC product is compliant with regulations by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia where the products are primarily produced.

VERO medical insurance

All instances of AMPC manufacture and administration is insured by Vero Medical Insurance.

External NATA accredited laboratory testing

AMPC products must be screened by a third-party testing laboratory accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) during the production process.


AMPC are stem cells that boast higher efficacy than current stem cells used in treatment.

AMPC treatment plan

The AMPC treatment procedure is streamlined and has exibility to accommodate any patient requirements.

Treatment will begin with blood collection on day 1, where the collected blood will be used for stem cell culture. During this time, approximately 250mL to 400mL of blood will be collected for AMPC culture.

Once blood has been collected, the blood bag will immediately be transported to the laboratory for culture and production of the AMPC product. This will take up to 4 days, and external contamination testing will also be conducted prior to product release for treatment. The blood bag will also be sealed after blood collection that creates a closed system to minimise chance of contamination. The laboratory will also process the sample accordingly for Multiple Sclerosis treatments.

The cultured AMPC will be prepared as a concentrated sample for intrathecal injection for Multiple Sclerosis treatments. This will be coupled with the remaining cultured AMPC to be injected intravenously in order to complement your intrathecal Multiple Sclerosis injection. This reinfusion of AMPC will be ready on day 5 of the treatment.

What this mean for you

The quality, efficacy, and safety of AMPC treatments mean you will receive the best standard of care for your Multiple Sclerosis treatment. The proven neuronal differentiation of AMPC also means that the neurological cells may be repaired and regenerated. This will help improve connections in the brain and between nerves and neurons connecting the body. This will enable improvement in motor skills and coordination in patients receiving AMPC for treatment, provided that intrathecal and intravenous infusions are used for treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis patients success stories

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