[Video] A Doctor with Fibro Explains how Fibro Feels

It’s good to listen to doctors describe what it feels like to have fibromyalgia.  Especially since the doctor knows what it feels like first hand.  And in this case he’s male.  It’s hard to describe what you are feeling and and it’s a hard for people to understand what you are feeling when it changes constantly.  So now you have a person of authority describing it, that can help a lot to helping those you love understand what you are going through.


What did you think? Do you feel like this video can help you communicate what’s going on?  Share your experience and insights in the comments below and help others Live Well with Fibro.

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  1. This was a great video and explained fibromyalgia pain very well! I hate to say it but I’m thankful there are Doctors out there that suffer from fibromyalgia so they can realize the extent of the awful fibromyalgia symptoms we suffer from every day. Thank you for making this video and sharing your own experience.

  2. To me this is a great video and what it felt like when I first started having systoms,except for a pain when I put on clothes,the feet tingling and leg pain. Will people believe,I pray

    • I have this symptoms too. If my shirt touches my chest, it feels heavy and sensitive.

  3. Just having someone to believe you makes a world of difference. I had my doctor tell me to stop wasting my money and the doctors time because there was nothing wrong with me and that in fact I was a hypochondriac.

    • I was labeled as a hypochondriac years ago too! Fortunately, I got a new doctor who actual listens and at least helps me control my symptoms!

  4. Thank you…..people including medical field need educated! This is not depression, this is real! Someday so just feel too tired to even breathe! Please help to keep people informed. Medications don’t always help!

  5. ‘Every fibre of my being hurt ‘
    The best one line description for fibromyalgia ever. I feel like this alot anf its hell.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m sharing this everywhere 🙂

  7. This video is awesome. It definitely explains how i feel every day! I have pain all over my body. Tingling in hands, face, legs, feet. Some days are better than others.

  8. Fibromyalga is definately hard to describe, as far as the pain, some don’t believe its a real disease, to have it Validated or understood by family , Doctors, Friends, iThe pain involves the nerves , wide spread , over the entire body, .It travels, it consumes your body, pain medication doesnt help at all, , because it’s working on the nerve endings, not the muscular skeletal anatomy, Mine started in the sole of my feet, I had to put shoes on , middle of night to go to bathroom, it felt like a chronicstone bruise, then the pain moved all over the body, leaving knots under skin, you go into mode , don’t touch me, usually misinterpreted by spouses, . But its real , it was called fatigue syndrome, in the beginning, because it drains you of energy, glad to know its validated, , but. Until men was diagnosed with it , it wasnt real, sad but true, , the video just addressed a small portion of the debilitating symptoms , Thanks for sharing.

  9. Cant believe some one understands. I have had fibro for a few years now and how he explaned about the touch and feel is exactly how I feel. But never a day goes by wihout severe pain every where. I have tried everything nothing seems to take it away. Targin every day and night. Thanks for the video my husband listened too but I dont think he still understands.

  10. I had it before I retired in 1987, and also had chronic fatigue which no one understood then, but was fortunate that my husband believed me. Glad that it affects males as well. After my husband died and I had more to do, the pain was much worse but it wasn’t diagnosed till I went to emergency with sciatica in 2009. The resident lifted my leg and touched a spot near my ankle that caused me to yell out, and I heard her say “fibromyalgia”. I told my family physician and he checked all the points and with each one it is so excruciating that I yell out. What I hate now is when I have a long period of bad pain, I get what I call fibro fog as I can’t think at all. Doesn’t help that I’m 86 I suppose. The doctor prescribed Cymbalta and it helps best of all. I find barometric pressure makes it worse and combine it with arthritis and I’m a walking disaster.

    • First off. Sorry for your pain! I too have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Tarsal tunnel syndrome in my feet bad burning pain! I also have bulging disc 1-5 in my back and a full pinched nerve there too. I have so much pain in my body. It does move around a lot. I get headaches too. I am also on Cymbalta for it. It helps some. I am on pain pills. Muscles relaxers for my back spasm. I am on Meds for nerve damage in my mouth too. I don’t fall asleep till morning. I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago. This all unfolded since then. I’ve had pain in hands and arms for years. I just thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. Found out it was not. I am 44 years old. We have a wonderful husband and three beautiful kids! Our oldest has special needs. My husband has to do a lot now. I have a hard time with all the pain I am. Thanks for sharing your stories!

  11. My arms burning for a year. Deeply concerned as father died of ALS. Stress. Depression, fatigue, arm and solder pain, then virus that gave large patch hives on face only. Legs, back, IBS, and insomnia. Cymbalta 40 mg a day and sleep aide. Low tolerance for loud sound and flickering TV lights. Grateful I have understanding M.D. Now to find my “own sleep” once again.

  12. OMG. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one with pain in my feet. That is where mine started, too. Went to several podiatrists and even had surgery on my feet. Nothing helped. And then it spread everywhere. Tried drugs for awhile, but stopped taking them after a huge weight gain and no pain relief. Like some of the others, I finally found a great doctor, but I still don’t have a resolution for the pain. . especially my feet.

  13. this was great. I’m just being diagnosed and I wish there was a way I could take this video to all of my Drs. Also, I have other health conditions and a very supportive husband but I often wonder if het “gets it”. He is so supportive but I don’t think he truly understands what I’m going through.

  14. It took my husband a long time to realize I wasn’t lazy,it wasn’t depression,and I wasn’t making it up. Tried lyrica which helped but I gained so much weight it caused my baxk and neck problems to triple in pain. I have found diet to help the most. I also need a sleep aid. My sister who also has it had a sleep study done and she doesn’t get to REM stage. That’s where you get the rejuvenation of the body. I am so glad these doctors are out there spreading the word about how it feels. It’s so hard to describe it. Fibromyalgia patients of the world unite! Keep the flow of information going!

  15. When the doctor said it was as if every fiber of his being was in pain, that was the best description as far as how I feel. Narcotic pain meds have helped me a lot as well as muscle relaxants. I just was at a wedding this weekend and I was helping out with all the last minute details and running around here and there and I was up until almost 6 am the next day! It is now Sunday (wedding was Friday) and I’m still “out of commission.” My back aches so bad at the moment and I also have neck problems (text/tech neck), which I have learned some stretches that help the neck, but there is NOTHING I can do about my pain at the moment. I’m out of meds and have had a lot of difficulty having my meds refilled the last several months……they almost never have what I need in stock and so I am forced to wait until they can order the meds and get them in. I would say my pain is about a 6/7 out of 10 right now and I know it’s only going to get worse within the next 24 hours. It hurts just to breathe!

  16. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your story.

  17. I am a registered nurse, 35 years plus experience, mostly ER & ICU. In my early 50’s my symptoms began & I can no longer work. I feel lucky if I can get up & dressed most days. The fatigue is horrendous and the pain is worse. Thank the Lord I have finally found an NP who gets it? I am on narcotics & have to deal with, “we are out of that”, the looks like I’m a drug addict, etc… if they only knew. Cannot stand to be touched from my knees down, my feet feel as tho they are on fire. I could go on & on, but just want to say ty so much for understanding!!

  18. I feel this way every day. Me and my husband just got a divorce because he kept telling me it was all in my head. Im trying to find a good dr that will listen and help me.

  19. I have fibro because of a car accident. It’s been 4 years now. Thank you! I will share the video, is good to know that I’m not alone.

  20. Excellent! I remember the relieved disbelief my mother had that someone understood about the “sunburn” pain,and clothes and showers hurting when I was able to articulate fibro pain from my own experience, after she had tried to ignore and hide her fibro pain for years because doctors who could not understand or see it or order a lab for it assumed it must be in her head.

    My flare ups can still be managed or ended by cutting out sugars/grains/caffeine (which often exacerbate autoimmune flare ups as well) and alkalizing with lemon water throughout the day. Trace minerals and good fats like extra virgin coconut oil REALLY help, which makes sense since they support nerve health. Avoiding solvents and environmental toxins helps too. THANK YOU, DOCTORS, for this helpful video to point others to!!

  21. When the doctor stated that it feels like the flu, I really felt validated. My body pain is just like that of the flu! Also, I’m glad how he mentioned that it can travel to other parts of the body. Right now, it’s in my jaw so bad 🙁 I can say that I’m lucky that it doesn’t hurt to be touched, to put on clothes, etc. The softer fabrics make that throbbing and/or tingling feeling feel more soothed. I also get deep tissue massages (which some people would think that I’m crazy for getting), but it helps relieve the pain of my stiff muscles (another side effect I have from fibro). Last, I’m glad he mentioned that stress is a trigger, too, because it is! I also like how he commented about being overzealous on your good days; I’m guilty of taking advantage of them! Thank you so much for making this video!

  22. Thank you for making this video. I have fibro full body from head to toe. I have alot of the symptoms the doctor talked about. I take 450 mgs of Lyrica daily. It helps some. I have very bad days where i cant function so I have an intermittent LOA in place for my work. It gets real bad. I also have a bilateral bulging disc in my c 5& 6, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel in both limbs.the fibro makes that so much worse.. i hope this video will help our loved ones to understand. I really despise the fibro fog i have..

  23. I’ve had fibromyalgia for almost 8 yrs now.My fibro pain concentrates mostly in my back & shoulders. This has led to numerous migraines, frozen shoulder twice and many days I just cannot get out of bed because of the pain. Don’t get me wrong, I have pain in my knees, elbows, wrists, chest, jaw, fingers, ankles and hips too. I’m tired all the time. I did not want to leave my job, but I was forced to because I couldn’t function at work. Here I am 2.5 yrs later and not working, no income, waiting on SSA… I’m very FRUSTRATED!!

  24. That doctor is SO LUCKY his fibro only made him sensitive, because for most of us, IT IS SO SO MUCH MORE. And SO much worse.

    I hurt. Pain like I’ve never dreamed could exist. Sharp, breath-stopping pain. EVERYWHERE. ALL DAY LONG. EVERY DAY OF MY MISERABLE LIFE.

    And the nausea! OMFG the nasuea!! I get nauseous at the drop of a hat. So sick I don’t want to eat, and some days only force myself to eat once a day because any more would be unbearable. Nausea that literally makes me dizzy, and knocks me on my butt because the only thing that helps is sitting very still and never standing up.

    To me, fibro is a painful never ending hell.

  25. I started out with pain kinda everywhere at a very young age. After driving a school bus for 15 yrs I could no longer do it with the back paij and the pain in my feet. The arm and feet pain are the worst. The brain fog makes you sit to even think of what it was you were doing or even thinking about. I’ve had one doctor tell me it was Fibro but every other doctor I go to looks at you like your nuts. He did say it best that you feel like you don’t want to be touched and trying to keep myself awake after being in bed for 10 hrs is mind blowing how tired I am. And how people or family can’t understand how you really feel. I have thought many time how we need a doctor to have it to know how we really feel. But I’m sorry that anyone has to have this. It is awful for anyone. To go from taking no meds at all to now taking so many just to function is unreal.

  26. I truly enjoyed this video..I am also glad a doctor has it and understands the pain and suffering we live with day n and day out! I’m 34 years old and was diagnosed in 2011..even though I’ve had symptoms long before then. My family doc at the time told me most doctors say there patients have it,but they group everyone under that illness!! She said it like all “those people” are lieing!! Until I myself was finally diagnosed after trying to make her see,I’m not there just to get pain medication..there is something wrong…smh..I finally found a doc who believed me and was properly diagnosed. We fibro patients not only deal with ungodly physical pain,but the emotional pain at times can easily out weigh the physical pain. Thanks for the wonderful video..and soft hugs to all fibromyalgia sufferers.

  27. I am 71 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia lose to their-five years ago. After going to almost every doctor in our.town Luckily found a well read doctor in his seventies who immediately diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. He was also treating several others with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately he had a nurse who didn’t or refused to understand that we needed narcotics to treat our pain. Because she felt that he was over prescribing narcotics she reported him to the state medical boar. This was in the early eighties very few people understood fibromyalgia pain. a a result he lost the ability to write prescriptions. it was extremely difficult to get anyone in our area to take us on as patients as we were labeled drug abusers. Eventually Pain Clinics came into being and more information on fibromyalgia became available and we were able to get treatment. Four years ago we moved to Florida. Because of doctors in Florida running prescription mills for narcotics it was almost impossible to find a pharmacy that would fill my prescriptions. Finally I had to resort to driving ninety miles to an Air force elsewhere their pharmacy would fill my prescriptions. After seven months my local CVS was finally able to start filing my prescriptions. However the still occasionally run out of my medication and I have to wait several days until the medication is available. I have not been able to use Lyrics and the other drugs commonly used for fibromyalgia.Like many others I seldom have a pain free day. Unfortunately now my daughter has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

  28. Hoe do you find a good dr like yale

  29. He nailed it down perfectly. I think the unseen pain and noone understanding is the worse. We all need a great support team. My Dr has it so she is awesome. My motto is fibromyalgia has me not I have it. So it needs to be ready for me to take it to the half marathons, 10 mile races and let’s see who wins. I will not let fibromyalgia take me down. My bad days I rest but I am a go getter and fibromyalgia choose the wrong girl.

  30. Great video, can never explain to those who do not have it. Especially my daughters don’t understand.
    I say it’s like the worst sun poisoning you ever had. Mine does travel. Someday’s head to toe, others upper arms n new one is cheeks. I cant even smile w/o pain. Thank You Doctors

  31. I have fibro and some of the pains he was describing, I am not familiar with. My pain is like I have worked out in a gym and the next day feel the results from over doing it. I also lack energy and sleep terribly. I just ache all the time

  32. This made me Cry To know that someone like a Dr can understand the pain we go through and it isnt in our imagination. I had a motor bike accident when i was 15, it left me with a leg 1″3/4 shorter than the other but as i was so young i squeezed my body to walk straight compressing one side and stretching the other. I kept telling Dr’s when i was in so much pain that one leg was shorter than the other but because i walked straight they didnt believe me. as the years went on the pain started spreading all over my body i had so many hospital appointments so many test all came back negative. and was told by one Dr if not more i was imaging the pain. when i was 35 (20yrs ago) i was sent to yet another Dr She measured my leg and was surprised to find it was 1″3/4 shorter ( she measured 3 time she was so shocked) she then touched me in pressure points which nearly had me climbing up the walls. She then told me i had Fibromyalgia the first time i had ever heard of it. i was one of the first in Britian to be diagnosed and so many Dr’s at that time thought it was a made up diagnosis and didnt know anything about it. now 55 i have a great Dr but its still hard explaining my pains.


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