The 21+ Benefits Of Beta-Caryophyllene (The Common Cannabinoid)

Beta-Caryophyllene Is A Very Common Cannabinoid

β-caryophyllene is a FDA-approved food additive that can activate the endocannabinoid systemR

It is found in many plants, fragrances, preservatives, additives, and flavoring agents. R R

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The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and CB2 receptorsR

Cannabis (THC and CBD) as well arachidonic acid are common endocannabinoids that bind nonselectively to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. R

CB1 receptors are primarily responsible for the psychomodulatory effects of cannabis (marijuana), whereas CB2 receptors are powerful at treating inflammation, pain, atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis. R

Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) can bind to CB2 receptors (strong) and activate many of benefits of the endocannabinoid systemR

Some Of The Key Takeaways About BCP:

  • It improves metabolism (by increasing mitochondrial function)
  • It protects against neurodegeneration (by reducing a leaky blood-brain barrier and inflammation)
  • It reduces pain (by upregulating natural endorphins)

Benefits Of Beta-Caryophyllene

1. May Increase Longevity And Mitochondrial Function

BCP may increase longevityR R

For example, in worms, BCP can modulate stress and prolong lifespan (by 11-22%). R

BCP can also increase SIRT1CREBPGC-1α, and PPAR-gamma, 4 genes that improve mitochondrial function. R R

2. Protects The Brain

BCP can reduce neuroinflammation (inflammation in the brain) and increase antioxidant levels in the brain. R R

For example, BCP can activate the pathway Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2 (NRF2) to increase glutathione levels which can protect against glutamate-induced oxidative stress. R

By regulating glutamate and CB2 activation, BCP can protect against N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA)-induced excitotoxicicityR

For example, BCP can reduce seizures in animal models of epilepsyR

3. May Improve Stroke Outcome

BCP can decrease brain damage after strokeR

During stroke, BCP can reduce swelling, neuronal damage and mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain. R R

It can also help a leaky blood-brain barrier after stroke. R

BCP can also help with hypoxia-induced neuroinflammation by upregulating NRF2 and Heme Oxygenase-1 (HO-1). R R

4. Protects The Vascular System

By improving blood flow to the brain, BCP can help with Vascular Dementia (VD). R

BCP can also reduce high levels of cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia). R R

It can also reduce stress to the heart. R

It may also suppress the development of atherosclerosisR

5. May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

BCP may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). R

By activating CB2 receptors and upregulating PPAR-gamma, BCP can reduce amyloid beta-plaques and immune-induced inflammation in the brain, thus mitigating cognitive dysfunction. R R

It can pass the blood-brain barrier and induce neurogenesis by increasing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) levels. R

BCP also has other ways increasing neurogenesis independently of BDNF (and NGF). R

6. May Help With Parkinson’s Disease

In Parkinson’s Disease (PD), loss of dopamine and oxidative stress are hallmarks of the disease. R

By activating CB2 receptors, BCP can inhibit dopamine loss and oxidative stress in the brain. R

For example, BCP can protect against MPTP (a toxin used to destroy dopamine neurons in animal studies)-induced damage to the substantia nigra (the part of the brain most sensitive to dopamine loss in PD). R

7. May Help Multiple Sclerosis

BCP may also help with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by reducing TH1 and TH17 pro-inflammatory cytokines. R R R

By increasing Treg anti-inflammatory cytokines (such as IL-10), BCP may help reduce the progression and symptoms of MS, such as neuropathy and painR

8. Protects The Gut

BCP may help with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). R R

For example, BCP can reduce inflammation in the colon by activating CB2 and PPAR-gamma receptors. R R

These anti-inflammatory effects can be enhanced when combined with CurcuminEGCG or BaicalinR

9. Lightens The Skin

BCP can reduce melanin synthesis and may help with skin-whitening. R

10. May Improve Oral Hygiene

BCP may inhibit dental plaque buildup. R

It may also prevent gingivitisR

11. Is An Anti-Microbial

BCP has anti-bacterial activity against:

  • Aerococcus viridans R
  • Bacillus cereus R R
  • Enterococcus faecalis R
  • Escherichia coli R R
  • Fusobacterium nucleatum R
  • Haemophilus haemoglobinophilus R
  • Lactobacillus casei R
  • Lactococcus lactis R
  • Mycobacterium bovis R
  • Porphyromonas gingivalis R
  • Proteus vulgaris R
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa R R
  • Salmonella typhimurium R
  • Staphylococcus aureus R R
  • Streptococcus mitis R
  • Streptococcus mutans R
  • Streptococcus sobrinus R
  • Streptococcus sanguinis R
  • Yersinia enterocolitica R
  • Vibrio parahaemolyticus R

BCP has anti-fungal activity against:

  • Acrophialophora fusispora R
  • Aspergillus flavus R
  • Aspergillus fumigates R
  • Aspergillus niger R
  • Aspergillus parasiticum R
  • Aspergillus tubingensis R
  • Candida parapsilosis R
  • Fusarium solani R
  • Penicillium madriti R
  • Penicillium purpurogenum R
  • Penicillium viridicatum R

BCP has anti-parasitic activity against:

  • Leishmania amazonensis R
  • Termites R

BCP may also help prevent tick bites (from malaria) and mosquito bites (from the virus Aedes aegypti), reducing the chances of developing Yellow FeverDengue Fever and ChikungunyaR R

12. May Reduce Depression And Anxiety

BCP may reduce depressive and obsessive-compulsive symptoms. R

It may also reduce anxiety (without affecting motor coordination) and may help with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). R

13. Helps With Sleep

BCP can decrease the time it takes to get to sleep and increase sleep time. R

14. Relieves Pain

BCP may help relieve chronic pain and neuropathyR

By working on the opioid system and endocannabinoid system, BCP can increase natural endorphins and reduce inflammation. R R R

It may also be applied topically and locally to areas of pain. R

BCP can help reduce muscle spasms and muscle painR R R

It may have synergistic effects with DHA against pain. R

It may also potentiate the analgesic action of morphineR

Also, BCP may increase testosterone and estrogen levels in those with chronic pain. R

15. May Prevent Cancer

BCP may help prevent cancer. R R

For example, in an animal study where mice were fed a high fat diet, BCP could inhibit tumor growthR

Its anti-cancer effects may be stronger if BCP is oxidizedR R

Oxidized BCP (CPO) can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and induces apoptosis (self destruction) by suppressing PI3K, AKT, mTOR, and S6K1 and increasing MAPK. R

CPO/BCP have beneficial effects against:

  • Brain Cancer (BCP and CPO) R
  • Breast Cancer (BCP and CPO) R R
  • Cervical Cancer (CPO) R
  • Colon Cancer (BCP) R
  • Gastric/Stomach Cancer (CPO) R
  • Lymphatic Cancer (BCP) R R
  • Multiple Myeloma (CPO) R
  • Ovarian Cancer (CPO) R
  • Pancreatic Cancer (BCP) R
  • Prostate Cancer (CPO) R
  • Skin Cancer/Melanoma (BCP) R

BCP and CPO can enhance the effects of some anti-cancer drugs, such as paclitaxel and doxorubicin. R R R R

BCP can also help with pain and neuropathy from chemotherapyR

16. Helps With Alcohol Addiction

BCP may help with alcohol addiction. R

For example, in a study where mice were addicted to alcohol, BCP administration could reduce the mice’s dependence to alcohol. R

17. May Improve Bone Density And Improve Weight Loss

BCP may help with weight loss by activation of PPAR-gamma. R

It may do this by increasing bone mineralization (beneficial for osteoporosis) and reducing adipogenesis (beneficial against obesity). R R

18. Protects The Kidneys

By activation of CB2 receptors, BCP may protect the kidneys from inflammation and oxidative stress. R

19. Protects Against Diabetes

High doses of BCP (orally) may have beneficial effects on glucose levels. R

For example, BCP has been found to balance glucose levels in diabetic rats, similar to glibenclamide, a standard anti-diabetic drug. R

BCP may stop the development of insulin resistance by protection of pancreatic beta-cells from hyperglycemia and by enhancement of insulin/glucose signalingR R R

20. Improves Liver Function

By activation of ACC1, AMPK, CB2 and PPAR-gamma, BCP may help with:

BCP combines well with Milk Thistle to improve liver function. R

21. May Affect Sex Organs

Endometriosis is when tissue abnormally grows outside lining of the uterus. R

In animal studies, BCP has shown to improve symptoms of endometriosis without affecting fertilityR

Although, in studies with male mice, BCP may act as a male contraceptive by decreasing sperm viability and sperm count (but not decreasing overall sperm production). R


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