CRPS Only Treatment Option Left!!

I developed CRPS last year after procedures following  a severe car accident with my daughter in the car. The guy that hit us was in the middle lane and was upset at the lady for slowing down. He swerved into my lane and was screaming at her for being on her phone. We were stopped st a stoplight and he was going 45 driving recklessly and smashed into my tiny Spark with his F350 with a huge cattle bar in the front. As soon as I felt impact I locked up on the steering wheel and break but he hit me so hard that I was still slammed into the car in front of me. Luckily my daughter was still in a harness carseat and was brused badly. She  still suffers ptsd when getting in a car, just like me…. I’m terrified of driving. My last resort for treatment is to have Ketamine Infusions (since I am refusing the spine implant). Ketamine Infusion clinics are extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. I am trying to find the best one that will provide the 4-5 hour dosing or full comas. Those are super expensive but report most improvement. I don’t have that kind of money. I’m looking at the ones in Tampa and Clearwater Florida. Even though my mom has been helping with my medical bills, she can’t help with that much right now and still help with copays for the other doctors I am continuously having to see. I just want my health, happiness and vitality back. I have 5 kids… we can’t play or go to the park and I definitely can’t go anywhere like the zoo because walking any distance is extremely painful. I am literally in constant pain 24/7. It hurts to even be touched lightly on my right arm and leg. It has spread to both of my shoulders and I can feel it spreading to my left leg where the necrosis is still growing.  For most effective results, I’ll need to visit a ketamine clinic out of state that performs the longer infusions and ketamine comas due to how far my disease has progressed. Ketamine Infusions are not covered by insurance. I have had botched SI joint steroid injections (he missed my freaking spine and put it in my buttocks!) leaving me with fat necrosis that is growing uncontrollably due to my immune system attacking the foreign substance. The orthopedic oncologist says that he can’t do anything until it stops growing, then he can recommend a reconstructive plastic surgeon (as if I could afford that?!) As of today, there is a 5 inch divet hole where all of the fat tissue has died and my skin is literally sitting on my muscle. Due to my hypersensitive nervous system I feel it growing and you can’t even imagine the pain. I have had cervical steroid shots, medial nerve blocks, stellate ganglion blocks and then finally a Rhizotomy that left me with RSD/CRSP in my right arm/hand which traveled to me right leg/foot and now my freaking Uterus!!! They are telling me they want to permanently implant a Spinal Cord Stimulater in me for life which would only help pain and not neuropathy but there is no way I am going to do that. I couldn’t handle the “sensations” because the CRPS is so bad. I have decided Ketamine is the only way to go because I DO NOT want anymore major surgeries on my body that will make the RSD/CRPS spread anymore. So I am begging for help and the GoFundMe page seems like the best platform. In addition to all of this, I am having to have an emergency hysterectomy and oophorectomy 6/22/18. I am only 36 years old! I should not feel like I am 90 and I should not be in pain 24/7. It’s like sitting on your hand and it falling asleep times like 1000. My fingertips hurt SO bad on my right hand when I type. I have weaned myself completely off the opiod medications they had me on. That is not something I want to do long term and I was already on them for 6 months. My pain sucks but my kids are really the ones hurting from my situation. They are always having to help me when I should be the one taking care of them. I want my life back 🙁  I was replaced in my position where I worked and pushed out due to my accident and injuries so our family lost my $45,000 a year income from my job. Then I ended up developing the CRPS from the procedure in December making life almost unbearable. I was lucky enough to get a contractor job from home, but it is invoicing and typing so I’m not able to make much. Our family has suffered and it is so hard for me to ask for help. We are denied all government aid. I was denied disability because I am “too young”. All of our credit cards have defaulted. I’m just trying to be honest and we are now at the point where we desperately need help and anything is appreciated. I would really like to be able to start the ketamine infusions as soon as I am healed from the DaVinci Hysterecomy. Thank you so much in advance. I hate sounding pathetic… but desperate times…

Ive called many local clinics and they don’t do the 4 hour infusions I need. My CRPS is spreading very quickly and started effecting my heart about a month ago. Dr. Hanna in Clearwater, FL is the most promising skilled doctor I’ve found “Our protocol for chronic pain disorders is an initial mandatory 4 hour infusion for 10 days.
These 10 days will be Monday through Friday for two weeks in a row with weekends off.”
Luckily my mom lives in Tampa and said my youngest girls and I can stay with her and she will care for us.


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