Coping With A Body That Decides It Doesn’t Want to Do Anything

We all have those days when the body says, “stop!”  You have plans, you’re ready, and then you crash.  Individuals with fibromyalgia never know when their body is going to go on strike.  It can be tough on those you made plans with, but don’t forget it’s tough on you too.

Many times when you are chronically ill there are things you want to do but because of symptoms they can be difficult. This is more so for people that have suddenly became ill and had full and busy lives before they became sick. The sudden reduction in physical activity can leavesomeone with a chronic illness to have feelings of guilt and feeling as if they are a burden to others. Also, many people with chronicillnesses have a people pleasing trait and have a hard time saying “No” which can sometimes leave the person with the illness physically and emotionally drained. So what do you do when the mind says yes but the body says no? Here are two tips!



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